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Design Principles

Priva’s design principles define the key characteristics of our products and services. They build a common understanding of what design intends, drive the decision-making process, and guide our designs.

Every new product, feature, marketing campaign, or any other initiative should follow these Design principles. This will help us in keeping our innovation efforts aligned with our core values and vision.

  1. Sustainable

    Our products & services, technological innovations, and partnerships help our customers make efficient use of scarce natural resources like water & energy and help to reduce emissions. When designing hardware choose low-impact materials and care about robustness, re-use, and renewability. When designing software, make efficient climate and water strategies the default, avoid less energy-efficient settings, and offer insight on how to save energy and water.

  2. Streamlined

    Our customers work with our software to change and optimize critical processes for the internal climate. A steep learning curve is accepted, if it enables our users to work faster and with more confidence; resulting in a streamlined experience. Be conservative with changing processes; an unknown process will be less efficient to use than a known one.

  3. Trustworthy

    Performance and reliability are key to building trustworthiness. During usage, the user should feel in control of the system. Give them the confidence that vital processes perform well and continuously. Communicate clearly what happened before, what is happening now, and what to do next.

  4. Consistent

    Our Customers experience one global Priva. In every contact, customers recognize the unique and consistent Priva Experience. They can do similar tasks in similar ways, in all our services, on all their devices. Take advantage of proven standards and paradigms our users already know to provide a sense of familiarity, control, and confidence.

  5. Innovative

    From the stable launchpad Priva’s current business offers, we experiment with sustainability innovations and technological improvements. From all of our different startups and new business ideas to the continuous development of our products & services. Priva is constantly looking for new ways to deliver value to our customers.

  6. Human

    We build long-term relationships with our customers. They should feel recognized by Priva, regardless of their background and beliefs. Over time Priva and the customer will change, and so will our relationship.

  7. Universal

    We’re serving a very diverse group of users with different technologies, practical circumstances, cultural backgrounds, and different abilities. They can be first time users, at home, users on the move, or under pressure. Understanding their context helps us to deliver the value they actually need.

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